Saturday, September 4, 2010

Peach Pickin' with the Fam!

Rob came home from running errands and told me the Church Farm was letting people go out and pick (or glean) peaches for free. I had heard they had an awesome crop this year! We decided to pack up the kids and go out. We weren't going to get very many because we still have a ton of jelly from canning from previous years, but we thought it would be a fun family activity so we went out.

We picked a small cooler full and then decided to run to town and get some bags or boxes and get a some more. We ended up with alot more peaches than we bargained for! I guess I'll be making peach cobbler for dessert tomorrow and I think I'm gonna can some just as sliced peaches and probably freeze some for smoothies and stuff like that. Rob also has his heart set on peaches and cream. YUM!!

I think the kids had a good time and it made for some fun family time, which is always a good thing! On the way back to the truck Jake kept saying Yay for Peaches!! Max was very particular about which peaches he picked, they had to be perfectly ripe and big, he didn't want any sub par peaches in his bag! We told him he could pick some that were not quite ripe so they could ripen at the house but he was having non of that! He is a funny kid.

Anyway, that was our Saturday. And I'm mad at myself for forgetting my camera! GRRR!!!