Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

What happens when your 6 year old finds your camera...

You get very strange, random pictures. Like this one of your aunt's kitchen floor....

Or the picture of the back deck through the window....

Or a water jug sitting on the floor. Hmmm, interesting!

Then your 6 yr old finds a human subject. Let's see if he'll make funny faces at us!

Now it's our turn to make funny faces!

Bracken's funny face

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Funnies, Part 2

I think all of the funnies I have this time are from Jake.

"Those hurty things are hurty!" Talking about the sticker weeds.

Max asked me if Jake was old enough to try riding his bike without training wheels. I told him I didn't think he was ready for that, yet. Max told Jake, "mom says your old enough to ride a bike with just 2 wheels." Jake then asked Max if he was old enough to ride a bike with FOUR wheels! So funny!

Just yesterday Jake was running to his room. I followed him and he told me his brain always follows him. I told him that was good, since it's inside him.

What a goofy boy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Funnies

I'm gonna steal an idea from my friend, Sarah Anne and start writing down the funny things my kids do and say.

The other morning Rob got up with the kids and let me sleep in and I heard Jake stomping around the house saying he was doing the Gorrilla dance (or something like that! LOL)

Today Max was playing Starfall on the computer and they have an area where you can make your own avatar. He put a mowhawk on his and then asked me if he could grow his hair into a mowhog!

Rob found some sunglasses in a car he just bought (to fix and resale. Yes, my husband thinks he's a car salesman. At least he's an honest carsalesman :) ) Anyway, Jake looked at Max and said Hey, lookin' good!

Friday, October 9, 2009

He wasn't faking this time. Poor Max :0(

NOT a fun night last night! I got home from work (a very LONG night, might I add) and just a few minutes after I crawl into bed I hear one of the the boys crying. Not sure if it is Max or Jake. I go check on them and it is Max, clutching his belly and moaning and crying. Poor thing! I calmed him down, got him some medicine and went back to bed. Not long after that he comes in and tells me he's going to the couch. It took me a minute to get up, but before then I hear him puking in the hallway! UGHHH! AND he had RED jell-o after dinner. I get a bowl for him and put him on the couch, and go clean up the mess. We both layed on the couch, me trying to calm him down, poor baby. He threw up one more time but was still moaning and crying til about 5:30 or so. After he seemed to be feeling better I asked if he minded if I went to my bed and he said, ya, that would be good, then I can have more room! LOL, I didn't know I was crampin' your style, buddy!

Rob got up and got the kids to school, thank goodness, but I still didn't get enough sleep. When Max got up this morning he was perfectly fine and has been fine all day. He was mad at me when I kept him home from school, though!

On a happy note, I have an appointment to get my hair done tomorrow, wooohoo!!!!

Meet Konner Si

My sweet, snuggly new nephew!! This post is pretty late, since it's been almost 3 weeks since we went to Delta to meet him, but we all know I am a procrastinator!

Konner is my brother, Pj and sil, Heather's new baby! We waited a long time for him to join our family and are so glad he is here.

Konner and Jake. This is the one and only time we got Jake to hold him. He really liked the baby, but Jake is a mover and didn't want to sit still long enough to hold Konner. He would walk by him if someone else was holding him and talk to him or give him a kiss, but that was about it!

Jordyn and Konner. She just LOVES having a new baby in the family to hold and snuggle!

Max and Konner. He is so happy to hold and talk to the baby! I don't know who asked to hold him more, him or Jordyn!

I didn't get a picture of Si holding Konner. I did get a picture of Si that weekend, though. I don't think Si even held Konner. He was asked several times if he wanted to, but never did.
We had such a blast in Delta! I think I'm gonna do a new post to talk about what we did while we were there. I can't wait to go back and visit!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New closet

Last week the shelf in our closet collapsed. Not fun. This is the second or third time this has happened. We lived with it for a few days until Friday when Rob and I went to Home Depot to get a new, sturdier shelf and supports. On Saturday, I cleared everything out of the closet and Rob and I discussed putting the shelf up over the existing dark wood, or tearing it out. We both really, really disliked the dark wood. The people who put it up did a good job, and it's high quality wood. But, it made our closet so dark! Plus, I hate dark wood, anyway. So, we decided to go with tearing it out.

Here is the before...

We were going to do the outside wood, as well, but it really would have been a HUGE chore and we would have had to dry wall, as well. We decided that was more than we wanted to tackle in one weekend. So, we are leaving the outside wood for another time.

This is after the wood was torn out and the holes patched and mudded.

The closet painted just a plain white (we had the paint left over from something else)

After the shelves are installed. I love the new second shelf. The original shelf was very narrow, so we got a wider shelf and then Rob cut down the old one to make a second shelf. Love it!

After everything is put back in the closet. I just love my new closet. Even without a light in there I can see much better now that it is white and not all dark! I still need to get some shoe racks, but we were out of money, so we'll have to wait for payday! I would also really like doors on the closet, but that will have to wait for another time.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Was he faking?

The other day I woke the kids up for school. Max was on his bed, moaning and groaning that his belly hurt. I finally gave in and decided he could stay home from school. A few hours later he was acting fine and was asking if we could have Wendy's for lunch and could he play the Wii? I told him no. I started mentioning that he was acting like he was fine and that he should probably go to school. I think this was about 10 am. Rob said, no, lets just let him stay home. I said, ok, no biggie, he can miss a day of school. Rob then told Max that he had to take it easy and to go rest on his bed. About 10-20 minutes later Max came to find me saying he was ready to go to school now!! LOL, I knew he was faking!! Once he figured out there was gonna be no Frosty, Wii, or anything but rest, he decided school was more fun than staying home!