Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Funnies

I'm gonna steal an idea from my friend, Sarah Anne and start writing down the funny things my kids do and say.

The other morning Rob got up with the kids and let me sleep in and I heard Jake stomping around the house saying he was doing the Gorrilla dance (or something like that! LOL)

Today Max was playing Starfall on the computer and they have an area where you can make your own avatar. He put a mowhawk on his and then asked me if he could grow his hair into a mowhog!

Rob found some sunglasses in a car he just bought (to fix and resale. Yes, my husband thinks he's a car salesman. At least he's an honest carsalesman :) ) Anyway, Jake looked at Max and said Hey, lookin' good!


SarahAnne said...

Mowhog - cute!

Miranda said...

C'mon, let him grow a mowhog!!! What kid doesn't want one? :)

Chantel said...

that is definatly my nephew.. he just wants a mowhog like his cousin.