Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our day

This morning all 4 kids had dentist appointments at 9 am. What was I thinking making appointments for ALL the kids that early when I have to work the night before??? But, we made it. I think we were even a little early, if you can believe it. All the kids did really well and behaved themselves. Jake did NOT like the gritty toothpaste stuff the lady used to clean his teeth with, but he handled it ok. He really liked being able to lay on the table and watch the movie in the ceiling. Jake was also the only one with cavities :-( Guess we're not brushing good enough! Max, Jordyn and Si did not have any cavities, thank goodness. Si did not walk out very happy. He has 2 adult teeth growing in (I'm sure they are pretty much in) but his baby teeth hadn't fallen out, yet. I heard the dr asking him if he was ready for them to come out and Si was saying no. The dr said, well, can you get them out in the next day or two? Si was over there saying, ya, ya, ya! I knew otherwise! I walked over there and told the dentist to just pull them. Si did not like that ONE bit, but the dentist put some numbing stuff on his gums and pulled the 2 teeth right out. He's one brave guy, I thought Si was gonna take a thumb with him!

After the dentist we headed over to the Hidden Valley park/splash pad. It was a ton of fun. The kids loved that they could be getting wet one minute and then playing on the toys the next minute. I really enjoyed all the benches and shade over the benches. I don't think I've been to a park with so many shade umbrellas! It was really cool. I took a TON of pictures that I'll try to put on later.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Max Funny

This kid just cracks me up.

My niece, Autumn, was playing a Wubzy dress-up game on Wubzy was standing in a room in his underwear and the point of the game was to dress Wubzy however you wanted. Autumn put a shirt on him first and Max said "you really should put pants on him first cuz it's embarrassing to see him in his underwear!" Oh my gosh! He is so funny!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Max Funny

While Jake was in the tub Max went in and yelled "BOOOOO", scaring Max. The funny thing was that Max came out of the bathroom, laughing, looked at Rob and said "That never gets old" He such a stinker!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home again

This morning I went to Beaver to meet Chantel and picked up Jordyn and Autumn. It wasn't a bad drive, I turned the music up loud and sang along. I'm glad to have Jordyn back home and I think it will be fun to have Autumn here for a visit. So far the plan is to meet next Saturday to drop Autumn back off with Chantel. We may have my other niece, Kirsten come down for a visit when we drop Autumn off. We'll see how this week goes, first, though!!

He got in!

A few weeks ago we got the acceptance letter from Headstart for Jake. I was so happy! I'm pretty sure the only reason he got in was from the referral from the school district for his Speech Therapy. Now I just need to get him into the dentist and the dr for checkups and turn the papers into Headstart and then we'll find out what class he's gonna be in! I'm really, really hoping for morning, so keep your fingers crossed for us! I already have the dentist and dr appointments set up, just have to go to them!

Another reason this makes me happy is I've been kicking around the idea of going back to school when Jake starts Kindy, so this may up my plans a year. I just need to find out when Jake will be going to school and take a class or 2 at the same time as Jake and no day care costs! I also need to make an appointment with a counselor and see what kind of classes I need to take. Oh, and decide for sure what I want to be when I grow up, lol!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Off Visiting

I forgot to mention in my 4th of July post that after our fun-filled weekend in Fillmore, Jordyn went to Delta to visit with my family. Sunday afternoon my brother, PJ, and my niece, Kirsten, came and picked her up. I have only talked with her once, but I'm sure she is having a blast! Some of my favorite memories are going to visit family in the summer time. I loved the anticipation of it and then when it was over reliving all the memories throughout the next year before going and doing it all the next summer!

It has been very quiet at our house without her. Who would've thought that one child would make the house that much quieter? But, it does! I hate to say it, but Max and Jake get along much better without Jordyn there to tease and fight with and make scream. Oh what a little drama queen my only girl is!! LOL I do miss her alot, though.
Saturday I am meeting my sister, Chantel, in Beaver to pick up Jordyn and my niece, Autumn. Autumn will stay with us for about a week and then we'll do another trip to Beaver to drop off kids!
We miss you, Jordyn!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here are some pictures of the Fireworks. It was a great show!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks!

Last weekend we all packed up and went to Fillmore to spend the 4th of July with Rob's family. Rob's Grandpa Max was the Grand Marshall of the parade and most of the family was there. We had so much fun and ate TONS of FABULOUS food!

My kids had a great time playing with all their cousins and riding bikes and squirting each other with squirt guns. The adults had a great time hanging out with each other.

I took 2 vacation days, so we went up Thursday and got all unpacked. Friday morning we got up and headed to Delta for a quick trip so Rob could check out the air conditioning in my moms truck. We got back to Fillmore before lunch. After lunch we decorated the kids bikes and scooters for the kids parade that evening.

Saturday was pretty packed, but a ton of fun. I was in charge of Breakfast that morning so Rob and I got everything put out and cleaned up. After that was the parade, which was a ton of fun. I don't think I have ever seen that much candy at a parade. The kids had a blast chasing after the candy and getting squirted with water guns. After lunch Rob and I took the kids to the park to check out the booths and games there. The kids each got to ride the big slide and then Jordyn and Si both got dunked in the dunk tank. After the park we watched the Talent Show that Jordyn and Skylar put together. It was so fun! Jordyn even got up there and sang a song all by herself. I was pretty impressed!! That afternoon the kids and I took a little nap and then it was off to the fireworks. They were great! Max was pretty scared of them, but everyone else liked them. We were a bit too close cuz about halfway through the wind shifted and debris and coals (not hot) started falling on us. Right at the end it started raining, so we hightailed it out of there!

Sunday morning we started to pack up and then hung out til lunch/dinner was ready. After eating we headed home :(

Here are some pictures