Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our day

This morning all 4 kids had dentist appointments at 9 am. What was I thinking making appointments for ALL the kids that early when I have to work the night before??? But, we made it. I think we were even a little early, if you can believe it. All the kids did really well and behaved themselves. Jake did NOT like the gritty toothpaste stuff the lady used to clean his teeth with, but he handled it ok. He really liked being able to lay on the table and watch the movie in the ceiling. Jake was also the only one with cavities :-( Guess we're not brushing good enough! Max, Jordyn and Si did not have any cavities, thank goodness. Si did not walk out very happy. He has 2 adult teeth growing in (I'm sure they are pretty much in) but his baby teeth hadn't fallen out, yet. I heard the dr asking him if he was ready for them to come out and Si was saying no. The dr said, well, can you get them out in the next day or two? Si was over there saying, ya, ya, ya! I knew otherwise! I walked over there and told the dentist to just pull them. Si did not like that ONE bit, but the dentist put some numbing stuff on his gums and pulled the 2 teeth right out. He's one brave guy, I thought Si was gonna take a thumb with him!

After the dentist we headed over to the Hidden Valley park/splash pad. It was a ton of fun. The kids loved that they could be getting wet one minute and then playing on the toys the next minute. I really enjoyed all the benches and shade over the benches. I don't think I've been to a park with so many shade umbrellas! It was really cool. I took a TON of pictures that I'll try to put on later.

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jomikelson said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. It is so informative. The kids are hilarious and the pictures are great.
Love you guys!