Friday, July 10, 2009

Off Visiting

I forgot to mention in my 4th of July post that after our fun-filled weekend in Fillmore, Jordyn went to Delta to visit with my family. Sunday afternoon my brother, PJ, and my niece, Kirsten, came and picked her up. I have only talked with her once, but I'm sure she is having a blast! Some of my favorite memories are going to visit family in the summer time. I loved the anticipation of it and then when it was over reliving all the memories throughout the next year before going and doing it all the next summer!

It has been very quiet at our house without her. Who would've thought that one child would make the house that much quieter? But, it does! I hate to say it, but Max and Jake get along much better without Jordyn there to tease and fight with and make scream. Oh what a little drama queen my only girl is!! LOL I do miss her alot, though.
Saturday I am meeting my sister, Chantel, in Beaver to pick up Jordyn and my niece, Autumn. Autumn will stay with us for about a week and then we'll do another trip to Beaver to drop off kids!
We miss you, Jordyn!

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