Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Funnies

The other day Max and Si were having a conversation about respecting your elders. Max then told me that he is supposed to respect his "olderlings" LOL! So funny. I think it comes from Star Wars and "younglings"

Just a minute ago Jake brought me a card. He was waving it and saying, "mom, look what I found!" I asked him where he got it and he told me, "um, in my room and then in my hand." Silly boy.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

So sweet

I'm going to try to go through the pictures I've taken in the last few months and try to update the blog with them. I saw these pictures today and thought they were so cute!

Of all the kids, Max was the one who loved the Christmas tree the most. The first thing he did every morning was ask if he could turn the lights on on the Christmas tree. He would sit on the couch next to it and just stare at it. One night he got his pillow and a book and sat there and read until he fell asleep.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was driving home last night when the car in front of me slammed on it's brakes and started swerving. Scared the heck outta me! It took me a second to realize that there was a deer in the road! So scary. I think it was a doe. I was driving on the road next to the trail from the pictures that are down below. Also, last Sunday when Rob went for his walk (we were at church, he went himself) he told me he saw a 4 point buck down by the river that morning. I wish I could have seen him.

The other day all 4 kids had their 6 month dentist check-ups. I'm so proud of them. 4 for 4 with NO cavities! YAY!! It's ALWAYS a good thing when you come out of the dentist with no cavities. On a bad note (but one I knew was coming) the dr told me that Jordyn will need braces and that Si more than likely will. UGH!! NOT looking forward to those bills!

Also, I got my hair cut and it is SHORT, but I LOVE it. It's so easy and fast to do. Jordyn was upset this morning when she saw my hair. I think she was jealous cuz I didn't take her to get hers done, too. That is one thing us 2 girls splurge on, we go to my co-workers salon and have her give us cuts and styles. The boys get the clippers at home or $7 dollar specials at Fantastic Sams! Rob flinched when I told him how much a cut and color is, but he doesn't complain. I don't get color done very often and Andy always gives me a good deal, cuz I'm special like that! LOL

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday walk

So, Rob and I have been trying to make it to the trails near our house and walk every day. When the kids are home we take them and they ride their bikes and we walk behind them. It has been so much fun and the kids have had a blast. It does a good job of tiring them out, too! Here are some pictures I took over Christmas break.

Dang, this boy is so hard to get a picture of! He isn't like the other 3 kids who cheese and stick their faces right into the camera as soon as they see it. He'd much rather be BEHIND the camera than in front of it!


I have been feeling kind of blah lately. I keep telling myself I need to update this poor, neglected blog, I just haven't done it. I'll try to do better, I promise. It's that darn facebook, it's sucked me in! I'm going to go through my pictures and find something to update you all on.