Thursday, September 25, 2008


I was reading this post at Rocks In My Dryer and it got me thinking about my recipes. I have my recipes organized alot like she does. Shannon puts hers in page protecters (which I've thought about doing, just haven't done, yet) and her binder is lots prettier than mine. I've also gone a bit farther and divided my recipes into categories of days of the week and put a theme to each day. I got that idea from this website a few years ago. I also have her Stay At Home Housekeeping Plan packet that I have used for years, which I love! It looks like she has added lots of new things to her website since I was there last, I'll have to go check it out again!

Anyway, back to recipes. I've just recently got the bug to go through my recipes, add some new ones in and take some not-so-loved ones out. If I do make something that NO ONE in my family likes I immediately throw the recipe away. I also have 3 other, smaller, binders. One for desserts, one for breakfast foods, and one for sides/salads/holiday recipes. I have a ton of Kraft magazines and Taste of Home magazines that I have been going through and taking out the recipes that I think my family will like and putting them in my big recipe binder. I did get rid of the Taste of Home magazines, but I have kept all the Kraft magazines.

So, how do you all organize your recipes?

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SarahAnne said...

Funny you bring this up, for I've had the same thoughts lately. I currently have a binder of recipes (it's FlyLady's Control Journal, so it has lots of other stuff in it, too) on full size sheets of paper, and then a recipe box with 3x5 cards. I want to type up the 3x5cards and put all recipes in a new binder just for recpies. My cousin recently did this and did cute graphics for the outside of her binder. I have mine in alphabetical order in the binder and by category in the recipe box. When I get them all in a binder I'll sort by category as well as alphabetically w/in the category. Let's get to work on this and show eachother our finished projects!

Eek! Sorry this comment was so long! BTW, how do you embed the link in you post? Like when you said, "I was reading THIS post" and THIS is a do you do that? I have been trying to figure it out and can't, people have offered help but I haven't understood what they were saying. Anyway, I need to put a sock in it! LOL TIA for your help!