Saturday, May 23, 2009

Max won!

A few weeks ago we went to the Cotton Days Festival in the next town over. There was an insurance company booth that was giving away coloring books for the kids and the lady told Jordyn and Max that they were having a coloring contest. She said the pages had to be in by the next Friday, so the kids went home and got to coloring. I honestly thought the kids would forget about the contest, but nope, they didn't! On Friday we had to go down and turn in the papers. Jordyn and Max went with me. Jake also colored a page, but he stayed home with Rob. Anyway, when we turned in the pages Max was so proud of himself when the lady gushed over what a good job they all did. He asked her if he could have his page back when they were done and she took our address and said she'd mail them all back. The other day Rob checked the mail and there were the kids pages and a letter to Max with a $10 Visa card stating that he had won!! He is so excited. I told him we could go to Walmart today and he could spend his money. He can't wait to use his "credit card" as he calls it. I'm glad I took the 1/2 hour to turn in the papers, even though I really didn't want to. It was worth it for the HUGE smile on Max's face.


Marti Hawker said...

Good job Max!

♥jada said...

Amy, you are such a good mom. I love reading your posts. Keep it up!
Congratulations Max! That is so cool that you won!!