Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The BEST cupcakes, EVER!

I'd been hearing about this little cafe/bakery here in town, even drove by it a few times. I had to run a few errands before work today, so I left early. I was done with my errands and at the library, picking up a book when I realized I had some time to kill. That's when I remembered 25 Main was just around the corner. Yay, I could finally go sample some of their killer cupcakes I'd been hearing about. It was definitely worth the trip! Next time I go I'll have to go around lunch time, their panini's look FABULOUS! I ordered a Orange Blossom and a Chocolate Raspberry, because I couldn't decide which flavor to try. I took them to work and shared with my co-worker. She choose the Orange, so I had the Chocolate. TO DIE FOR!!! Seriously.

So, if any of you end up in St George, head on over to 25 Main and have a cupcake or two. Or 10.

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♥jada said...

yummy! That sounds so good. There is a lady in my ward that owns a cupcake shop in Rexburg. They are to die for!