Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Went through pictures

So, I just spent about a half an hour getting all the pictures from our 3 cameras put onto the computer and my thumb drive. I like to put them all on my home pc and then back up on our external hard drive. I also like to put them on a thumb drive and then transfer them to my laptop. I do most of my blogging at work, so I like to have a copy of my pictures on my laptop. I had pictures clear back from Max's birthday in August that were not transferred! Now I just need to go through and delete the bad ones and put them in their correct folders. I like to put them in monthly folders, then sub categories inside the month if there was a special event like a birthday or school program.

A few months ago I borrowed all my mother in laws photo books and scanned all her pictures to my computer. About a week ago she showed me a book that I had missed, it was mostly pictures of Rob as a baby. I don't want to miss getting those photos! After those are all organized I plan to burn them to CD's to give to Jan and any of her family that wants one.

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