Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SEP's aka Parent-Teacher Conferences

It really annoys Rob that they call Parent/Teacher Conferences Sep's now. I think it's funny how annoyed he is about it. Anyway. this week Jordyn and Max both get out of school at 1 :15 everyday and yesterday we went to their meetings. They are both doing well. Jordyn got x's or +'s in all of her area's. Basically that means A's and B's. She is reading above level and gets along well with her classmates.

Max is also doing well. I was really worried about his reading at the beginning of the year, but he went into Reading Recovery (which he LOVED) and it helped him so much. He is now reading on grade level, when before he was below grade level. The only issue his teacher (and I) seem to have is he needs to sloooow down and think about what he is doing. Sometimes he doesn't comprehend what he's reading, because he is reading to fast. Also, his handwriting could be better, but that also goes along with slowing down! But, that kid has always been on the move. He does really well in math, he gets almost 100% on all of his tests. I'd like to say he gets that from his mom, but I don't think so, that's his dad's genes.

It's been nice having the kids home early this week. Next month we have spring break, I'm really looking forward to that. Yay, I'll get to sleep in!

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