Friday, December 12, 2008

He's bilingual. Kinda. We'll thank Dora.

I was just sitting here at the computer, reading some blogs, eating my egg sandwich for breakfast. Jake came up to me asking for a bite. I gave him one and he went away. He came back a minute later asking for another. I told him if he waited til I was done eating my sandwich, I would make him an egg. He had eaten breakfast earlier and I hadn't, so I didn't feel guilty eating in front of him. He went away again, but was back within a minute. He stood next to me saying "abre, abre, mom" I turned to look at him and saw him standing next to with his mouth wide open like a baby bird waiting for his bite. It was so funny!!


Sarah Jayne said...

lol, I'm gonna be in big trouble if Charity ever does that! lol.

SarahAnne said...

That is so funny! I love it!