Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aww! He missed us! And we missed him!

Here is our lovable, loyal, wonderful dog, Buster. We all love him so much, but especially Max. We see Max and Buster together all the time. Buster will sit there while Max pets and talks to him. Buster has a hard time deciding where to be when some of the kids are outside and some are inside. He likes to know where everyone is at all times! One night while I was at work Jake fell asleep in his bed pretty early and Rob found Buster roaming the house and going in and out of the backyard. Rob finally figured out he was looking for Jake! Rob took him in the boys room and showed him where Jake was and he settled down. Isn't that sweet? Also, if a strange man comes to the house Buster makes sure he stays between me and him. He does NOT like strange people coming into the house (especially men) and moreso when Rob is not home. I like that he is protective of all of us.

Anyway, back to the original point of this post! (those of you who know me IRL (in real life) know that I it sometimes takes me a while to get to the point!) We went out of town over Easter weekend, and, unfortunately, we were not able to take Buster with us. I think it was last summer when we bought an automatic feeder and a portable doggy door for Buster to use while we are out of town. While we were gone we asked Jan to check on Buster once or twice to give him loves and let him know he wasn't completely abandoned! Easter Sunday we saw Jan at the Grandparent's in Fillmore and she told us that Buster is really missing us and that he had dragged one shoe from each family member into the living room! He didn't chew on them or anything, we think he just wanted to be able to smell our scent.

One last thing! I just have to say that he absolutely ADORES and LOVES Grandma Jan to pieces. He gets just as excited (if not more) than the kids when Grandma Jan comes to visit. It is so funny. The other day Jan came over and Buster was outside, he was at the glass door just scratching his hardest to be let in. I have never seen him so anxious to get into the house. It was too cute! Jan calls him her "other" grandchild!


♥jada said...

Amy, I have missed your updates. I think a lot of us have been in a blogging lull lately. [It might just be that darn facebook ;) ] Anyways, I'm here and I'm still reading. I LOVE the 'turd' post. Too funny. And glad you had the pictures too. Poor buster...I am glad he didn't get into trouble because of Chewy! What a cute dog!

Marti Hawker said...

What a sweet dog! It's nice when somone can love you so much like that !

jantiz said...

I see my granddog survived the lonliness of his familybeing gone. He realy is a people person, and has such lovely manners! Made it back from Cedar State ELKs convention, and was elected LOE State second vice pres. Glad my year as Treasurer is over. My love to all!