Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Jakeism...

So, tonight all 6 of us were at the dinner table, eating beer-can chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy (YUM!!) I noticed that Jake was shoveling the chicken into his mouth as fast as he could. I asked Rob to slow him down (Rob was sitting next to Jake). Rob told Jake to not put so much in his mouth at once and then held his hand out in front of Jake's mouth and said "can I have some of it?" Jake shook his head no, and kept chewing. When he was done chewing he looked at his dad, then looked at his food and said "But, I'm SUPPOSED to eat it!!!" It was so funny and cute!

He is also learning his manners. Rob asked him if he wanted a bite of his chicken and Jake said "no, thank you!" Then, after he was full, he very politely said he was done and asked to be excused from the table. My baby is growing up!!

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