Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Awesome Giveaway!!

My cousin Jada is doing an awesome giveway on her blog. She is a consultant for Cierra Ashley (formerly Welcome Home Aroma) and giving away $50 worth of product. Click here to leave her a comment and see if you win!!


jada said...

Thanks Amy! I am so excited about this giveaway! Good luck!!!

SarahAnne said...

Hey there. I'm answering your question! I had to ask a friend of mine, too. I was trying to figure it out! Here's the run down.

1. Make your post like you normally would.
2. When you go back to the main page of your blog, click on the title of your new post so it takes you to it's own page. Copy the code for that page in your address bar.
3. I like to open my blog in a new window. Go to Layout.
4. Click Add Gadget
5. Choose "Link list". Fill out your form, and in the box paste the code.
6. Go back to your layout page and click and drag your Link List box where you want it to go.

I HTH! Let me know if I did a lousy job explaining it!