Saturday, October 4, 2008

Potty Training

UGHH!! I hate, Hate, HATE p/t. It is the absolute worst thing I have come across (so far) in being a mother. Oh, well, I've got 3 down and only 1 more to go, right?

So, Jake is 3.5 years old and I actively started p/t him about 2 or 3 weeks ago. He is doing really well, I'm really proud of him. I would say 3-4 nights out of 7 he wakes up dry. He will go #1 in the toilet most of the time without being prompted. But, he is still hesitant about going #2 in the toilet. He's done it a few times, but mostly he goes in his underwear. He actually likes to wait til I put the pull up on him at bed time and does his doody then. GRRRR, little stinker!! I try to make it fun for him. I tell him all the time if he poops in the toilet he will get a piece of candy. He seems to like the idea, but it never happens. We'll get through it eventually, right? Please reassure me that he won't be going to Kindergarten in pull-ups!!

On a side note. I am having a really hard time finding the thicker padded training underwear. With my first 3 kiddoes I didn't have a problem, but I can't seem to find them in the stores anymore. Every time I go to Walmart I look (I just went today, none). I took Jake with me to Target last Saturday to see if they had any and I found ONE package of plain white ones. I snatched those suckers right up! I also let Jake pick out a package of character undies and he of course! picked out SpiderMan.


Sarah Jayne said...

Yay Jake on the p/t front!!! What a hard journey it can be but so worth it in the end, right?

SarahAnne said...

All of my kids had a hard time going #2 on the potty. I probably let it go on way too long, but I was afraid they'd hold it forever and then we'd have worse problems on our hands.

I'm so happy he's doing so well. I'll be there with my boy pretty soon! GL and keep up the good work!

Jayme said...

Yep it's a pain. I have started, half heartedly with Libby. And although Ethan has been day trained for about a year and a half, he still wets the bed regularly and he just turned 5.