Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School!

Today was the first day of school for Si, Jordyn and Max. Jake starts HeadStart on August 31st. I have not got pictures of Si, yet, he had to leave about 7:10 this morning and I was barely coherent at that point and totally forgot to get some of him. I'll make him pose this afternoon after school. I'm sure he'll LOVE that!

Si is in 7th grade, his second year of Intermediate School. Jordyn is in 3rd grade and Max is in 1st. He is very excited about being in school all day. Jake, Buster and I walked Jordyn and Max to school. Jake was really sad that he couldn't go to school with them, but I think he's enjoying being home with just mom and dad. I know I'm enjoying it! He even got to play Mario Kart Wiiiiii (as he says it) all by himself! Well, Jake is asking me if I'm done, yet, so I better go.

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♥jada said...

I can't believe your kids have already started school! But, then mine start next week. Jordan looks so beautiful...Congratulations to her on her baptism! That is so great! Max and Jake look very cool in their new clothes and backpacks. Love you guys!