Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Brave Jake!

In order to be admitted into Headstart, Jake had to have a lead screening. I thought it would just be a finger prick, like the iron tests at WIC. I took him to the lab last Friday and found out he had to have 5 cc's of blood taken from his arm! I felt so bad! He wiggled too much on the first arm and they couldn't get enough blood, so they had to do it a second time in his other arm. He did great that time. I told him if he held still the second time we'd go to Arctic Circle and get an ice cream cone. Here he is afterwards with his bandages. He held his arms out straight until we got home. No way was he bending his arms.

Tuesday I had to take the paper to the drs office to have them sign, saying the test was negative. The dr's office is right next door to the lab and Jake kept asking to go back to that building cuz he wanted his blood taken again! Silly boy :-)

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