Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Last Saturday was pretty busy. We were invited to a birthday party at a splashpad the I took all the kids too. We had lots of fun! When Roman (the birthday boy) was opening his presents, he opened a bag with some pajama's in them. Max sighed real loud and said "Awww, man, I need some of the those!!" It was so funny, all the adults started laughing. That's my Max!

After the party we went home and relaxed for a bit and then Rob surprised us by taking us out to the county fair. This is the first time we have gone to the fair as a family! I think we all had a great time. When we got there we went and walked through the building with all the homemade items and it was really interesting and neat. Jordyn and I liked looking at the intricate dollhouses. Plus, the building was air conditioned! After that we went to the entertainment/food building. We walked around a bit then I bought the 3 little kids some tickets to jump in the jump house and go down the big slide while Rob and Si went and got some food. Next we went to the commercial booth building and walked through all their booths. I think everyone's favorite was the pest control booth. Those guys had some awesome spiders, lizards and scorpions. They had a scorpion under a black light and it was glowing blue, I think. Also, one of the guys had a HUGE cockroach on his shirt. He said he'd had it for 5 years! YUCK!! Jake kept begging to hold it, so the man let Jake pet it's back. EWWWWW!!! He also got out a lizard and let the kids pet it, too. Jake kept asking to hold it and he did let him hold it with his help for a little bit.

After that the carnival was open. The same exact carnival I grew up going to and used to be at the park right across the street from my house when I was little. The kids thought that was pretty neat that I lived across the street from the carnival when it came to town! The kids all rode some rides and had a blast. Si rode on some pretty scary ones that you definitely wouldn't catch me on!! He thought it was great!! Jordyn and Max rode on the Gravitron thing where you go inside and lay against a rolling thing on the wall and it spins you so fast you can't move. Max thought that was so awesome that he couldn't move one piece of himself (his exact words) I wished I would've caught a picture of the look on their faces when they walked off that ride! I took Max and Jordyn on the Magic Carpet ride. Max loved it, hollering and laughing the whole time. Jordyn, on the other hand, hated it. She was doing a little freak out next to me. Finally she closed her eyes and calmed down. Even the girls next to her were giving her concerned looks. As soon as it stoppe, her eyes popped open and she said that it was fun!! I just laughed! Jake had a ton of fun on some of the smaller kiddie rides. I think we'll definitely be back next year! I might even talk Rob into going up to Lagoon next summer! YAY!!! I haven't been there since Si was a baby!

Here are some pictures. I didn't get any of Si and Jordyn cuz they rode the bigger rides while I took Max and Jake on the kiddy rides.

Jake and Max on the train. It was a little slow for them after the rollercoasters, but they still liked it.

Max driving the rollercoaster, of course!

Jake riding the dragon. This one just went around in a cirlcle and up and down. I could barely get him to look at me.

This is the first ride the boys went on and they LOVED it! They also went on another roller coaster, but I didn't get any good pictures of that one.

Well, that was our Saturday!! Busy, busy, but LOTS of fun! Thanks, hon, for taking us!

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