Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 out of 4 sick

The Saturday before Easter Jordyn told us that she had a bad sore throat. I ended up taking her to InstaCare and they confirmed Strep Throat. The next Thursday (I think) Jake wasn't looking like he felt too good, so I got him to the dr. Same thing. Yesterday morning Max tells me that he has a sore throat so I decide to keep him home and take him to the dr. I couldn't get him in til later in the day and by the time we go there I was thinking he was just faking so he could stay home, but no, he has it to! Fun, fun times at our house! Oh, and I was talking to Si the other day and he told me that he had a sore throat before Jordyn had hers but never said anything to me! So, I'm pretty sure he had it, too. I also talked to Rob today and he was going to make himself a drs appointment because he was loosing his voice again. Every year he usually gets sick and looses his voice and has to go on major antibiotics to get rid of his ear infections and bronchitis. He already went through it this year, but it looks like the kids got him sick again!

All I can say is I hope I survive! LOL

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