Monday, April 12, 2010

BBQ for Josh

My bil, Josh, joined the Marines a while ago and when he was done with Boot Camp he came back to good ol' St George for a visit. It was great to see him again and go to Jan and Dave's for some good food. Unfortunately, Josh didn't feel well the night of the bbq so we didn't see much of him, but we all enjoyed yummy food! Here are some pictures...

I was too lazy to scan my pic of Josh into the computer

The guys making sure the steaks are seasoned just right.
They sure were good!!

Josh did NOT feel well

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♥jada said...

Man, that is sad Josh was feeling too sick for his own party! I hope he feels better soon. That is so awesome that he is a Marine!
It was fun to read your update. I totally know what you mean about fb...what a time sucker! I deleted all my games a while ago, but then moving got in the way of my blog updates...hopefully, we will both do better :)
Love you guys!