Friday, April 9, 2010

Updates and some rambling thrown in for good measure!

I know, I know, I know!!! Just about every time I put a new post up I tell you all how much I've ignored the ol' blog and promise to do better! One thing working in my favor to do better about that is I deleted all my facebook games and blocked them all. They were taking up WAY too much of my time and I decided enough is enough!! I signed up for facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, not to play games. So now, hopefully, I'll have more time to blog and maybe even scrapbook some :0)

Ok, on to our update. I'll try to remember everything ;0) A few weekends ago we bought a boat. We got it for practically nothing, because the previous owners didn't winterize it and the engine is cracked. Bad for them, good for us, since I just happen to be married to a mechanic who can fix those kinds of things. Also, we (meaning he) found an engine for alot cheaper than we were expecting. Now all that's left to do is for him to find the time to put it in and then it's clean up the boat time. I can NOT wait to get out on the lake this summer. We have missed boating alot.

Now on to the biggest change in our lives. Rob has rented his own shop and is now mechanicing (is that a word? lol) out of it and not our garage. You do not know how happy I am to be able to pull into my driveway and not have to wonder how many cars are gonna be in my way and where am I supposed to park?? So far he is staying busy and we are working on getting business licenses and all the fun stuff that entails. Oh, the joys of self employment.

Last Saturday Jordyn woke up with a bad sore throat. We headed to InstaCare and they told us it was Strep Throat. Yesterday Jake wasn't feeling well so I took him into the dr and he has it as well. 2 out of 4 sick. I guess it could be worse!

We had a quiet, but fun, Easter. I've never been to into coloring easter eggs and having hunts, but I'm lucky because my mil, Jan, likes to do all that stuff. Soooo, the Thursday before Easter I boiled the kids' eggs and dropped the kids off at Grandma's house and they had a ball dying eggs with her! Then on Easter morning she hid all the eggs in her yard and we went over there to find them. I guess the kids had told her and Grandpa to make it harder this year and boy they did! It took them quite a while to find all the eggs. After the hunt we went home for a few hours and then came back to eat a nice dinner. It was a great day. I forgot my camera, I'll have to get those pictures from Jan and post later.

Next I have to tell about all the babies that have been and will be born this year. First up is James Don, born in January (or the beginning of Feb). Next is Aleksa Lee, born just a few days ago. She was a whopping 9 + lbs! Her mom, Ashten is a tiny little thing, I don't know how she did it. Then in just a little over 2 weeks my sister, Bridget is due with her first baby, a boy. I am so excited for them and can't wait to meet him. Then Dean and Melissa are expecting their first baby, a girl, right around the end of April as well. Wow, babies, babies everywhere!!

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jantiz said...

You updated! I so love that I have the kids over a bit more often, since Rob started his new enterprise, David changed his school hours so he could be there for the kids when Amy goes to work, till Rob can come home. Sometimes I get off work in time to see them. I wish the others were closer. Love.