Friday, January 14, 2011

A boy and his dog

Buster. What can I say about Buster? Buster is an awesome dog. I don't know what we'd do without him. He came into our lives by accident, just when we were actively looking for a dog. He is such a good boy, very lovable and protective. We all love him, but Max has a special bond with him. He'll sit with Buster for quite a while, just talking to him or petting him, making sure there is nothing on his fur. The other day Max was laying on the floor with his head on Busters chest, reading a book. They both looked so happy. I know I took a picture, but couldn't find it. I'll have to post it another day. Max tells me all the time, Mom, when I grow up and have my own house if you don't want Buster anymore I'll take him for you. I'll even pay you for him! I tell him we'd just let you take him, buddy. I just told Rob today that Max shows more affection to Buster than he does to us!

I added in the pictures of Konner and Kirsten (my cutie pie nephew and niece!) to show that Buster is so gentle with all kids, especially babies. He let Konner crawl all over him. When he gets sick of it he just gets up and goes somewhere else.

I have to add that when we are gone for extended periods of time Buster will get one of everyone's shoes out of the cubby and string them across the house. He doesn't chew on them, I think he just likes them around so he can smell us. Oh, another good Buster story. One night Rob called me at work and told me that Jake had fallen asleep on his bed pretty early, about 5:30 or 6:00 and was all covered up with his blanket. Buster wandered all around the house like he was looking for someone and wouldn't settle down. Then wanted to go outside but then wanted back in pretty quickly. Rob figured out that he was probably looking for Jake, so he took Buster in the boys room, uncovered Jake to show Buster and he immediately settled down to relax because he knew where everyone was! I've also noticed that if I'm in my bedroom cleaning or watching tv for extended amounts of time he'll come looking for me, when he finds me he just wanders off to check on someone else. I love that dog!

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