Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Weekend

So Saturday Jordyn had an 8 am basketball game, yuck! That was the last 8 am one, though. She is doing so well, I'm really proud of her. When I got home from the game Rob told me the grandparents called and were coming down and we were supposed to meet at Chuck a Rama. Rob met the grandparents and brought them to Max's game and they were able to see the last half and Max made a few baskets while they were there!

Sunday was kind of a lazy day. I didn't feel well, so we didn't go to church. Rob took the kids to see Tron while I stayed home. It was really weird to be home all alone on a Sunday afternoon!

Monday Rob and I took the kids for a walk on one of the trails here in town. It was fun. We heard some frogs down by the river, but didn't see any. We had the kids do some races, trying to wear them out a little bit. I don't know how well that worked! Not too long after we got home it was time to meet Jan and Ruth on the Red Hill to hike with them. Jake was all over the place, the little stinker! I finally threatened him with not coming again and he finally decided to stay close to Aunt Ruth. After our walks Jordyn rounded up her friends and filmed her film for her Reflections project. I haven't seen any of it, we'll see how it ends up. Next weekend I need to sit down with her and show her how to edit it.

So, that was our weekend!!

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