Thursday, August 21, 2008

All about Jake

I am trying to get Jake into Speech Therapy through the School District. Last week we had an appointment with the Therapist and tomorrow we have another appointment to set things up. I had to take in his shot records and apparently he wasn't up to date on them, like I thought! So, this morning I had to take him in to get to shots. I think it was the MMR and the Chicken Pox vaccine. My kids absolutely love going to the dr. They love the toys and they have a big fish tank with Nemo and Dori fish and sometimes we get to see the starfish! Anyway, all we had to do this morning was get the shots, so we got there right before 9 and went right back. That little stinker is so strong! I'm so proud of him, though. By the time the nurse got the band aid on him he had stopped crying and was so excited to pick out of the treasure chest and get a sticker and a sucker! I was gonna take a pic, but my camera batteries are dead and I don't have any more.

Also, we are still working on potty training him. He's getting there. I think he would be fully trained by now if his mom wasn't so lazy about it! But, to the point. Yesterday I had him go potty before we had to pick up Si from school and I remembered that he usually does his poopy at about that time of day. After he went pee I sat him on the toilet and told him to poop in there and he did! YAY!!! He was also dry when he woke up this morning and has been dry all day and it is now 11. I was going to start putting him in underwear today, but we had that appointment and another one tomorrow, so I think we'll try regular underwear on Monday when we don't have to go anywhere and I don't have to work. Wish us luck!

Go Jake!!

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Jennifer said...

Good luck with the speech thing. It seems to take forever to get services set up, but once they are it should go smoothly. My ds has been getting speech for 3 years now through the schools and over a year prior to that. I hope you get it figured out quickly.