Monday, August 11, 2008

Where did he come from?

About 3 weeks ago Rob noticed we had a roadrunner in our yard and he came to get me to take some pictures of him. It was so neat. We got fairly close and he stuck around for quite a while. Max even got to check him out. These are the best pictures I got of him, though.

Last weekend Rob also noticed some kind of small, predatory bird (some kind of hawk, we think) in our back yard eating something. We watched him for a really long time. He was also very interesting. I think Rob got pics of him on his camera. After he left I went out to see if he left any evidence of what he had been chowing down on. Sure enough, there was a small bird leg in the grass. I got some plastic bags and threw it away because I didn't want Jake messing with it, or Buster eating it.

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