Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Netflix, anyone?

How many of you out there love netflix?

Me, me!! I absolutely love this program. For about $18 a month I can get 3 movies at a time and mail them back when I'm ready and not pay ANY late fees. That was the kicker for me, NO LATE FEES! I'm notorious about having lots of late fees. I've had up to $100 in late fees at one time in my life. How crazy is that?

I also love that they have a ton of movies to choose from, plus TV shows, past and present. I'm currently working through the Stargat SG1 series. Yes, I'm a Stargate Geek. I even bought the new Continuum movie cuz I couldn't wait to see it and knew we would watch it again. The whole family loves Stargate. Pssst, I even heard they are gonna do a Stargate Atlantis movie and a 3rd spin off Stargate series. I'm so excited!

Ok, I'm off my tangent. I also like that I get my movies really quickly and hardly ever have to wait for them. Every great once in a while Rob and I will go up to Redbox and get something for the night if nothing we have in from netflix is calling our name, but not very often. AND if we do the Redbox thing I always go to and get free codes to get our moves for FREE. Gotta love free!

So, if you are a netflix subscriber, what do you like about it?

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Sarah Jayne said...

Well, we're not into netflix cux we do the redbox but we spend at the most $10/month but I just subscribed to their free mondays and wednesdays (they text codes on mondays and wednesdays) so it might even go down! But anyway, I did want to say I absolutely LOVE the stargate series as well! I've got a couple of seasons but we're gonna have to get more! I've gotta complete that one and gilmore girls and then we'll see from there :)