Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cookies with Grandma

Sometime before Christmas my mother in law, Jan, called and said she wanted the kids to come over and decorate cookies with her. I had to work the day she wanted to do it, so I just dropped the kids off at her house on my way to work and they got to it. I saw these pictures on her computer the other day and thought they were so cute, so I transfered them to my computer to show you guys.


SarahAnne said...

Amy. I use I always have to make sure I save the code that's to embed the slideshow, not link it. That's my only thought right now. Are you using, too? GL!

Jeri said...

Is that frosting on Jake's face (I think its Jake, I have a hard time telling him and Max apart sometimes) or did he get in a fight? If so, what does the other guy look like. Grandma Jan is awesome! Fun Pics. Also love your scrapbook pages.