Monday, January 26, 2009

Dentist appointment

Wednesday all 4 kids had a dentist appointment. We went to a new dentist and I was very impressed by him and his staff. I was really NOT looking forward to taking all 4 of my kids in for an appointment at the same time, but I was even more hesitant about going in 4 different times, or even 2 different times, so we went with the one appointment for all! All 4 kids were EXTREMELY well behaved and I was so proud of all of them! Our appointment was at 1:00 and we were out of there by 2:30. NICE!!

Their waiting room was very impressive. It was set up to look like an Old West Town. They had cute little buildings for the kids to play in and next to the big door where they take you back to the exam rooms was a small kid-sized door! They loved that. The assistant took each kid back individually and did x-rays, then when they were all done with that we went into a large room with 4 beds and dental techs went to town cleaning teeth! Max and Jake were very excited about the tvs in the ceiling with headphones so they could watch a movie while they were being worked on. It was great!

I was very surprised that they all walked away with NO cavities. Yay! Si and Jordyn have to go back to get some teeth sealed, but that won't be a problem. At the end of the exam each kid got a balloon and they got to pick a book. They REALLY liked that.

I was very impressed how the staff handled the kids, they made them feel really at ease and welcome. Max and Jordyn were pretty nervous, but the staff really helped make them feel better. Max was very interested in all that was going on. He got to see the xrays of his teeth and thought it was so cool. Jordyn was the last one to get checked out by the dr and Max noticed and was right next to him, checking out what the dr was doing. I had to pull him out of the way!

Also, Max was cracking his nurse up the whole time she was cleaning his teeth. I'm totally not surpised. She was putting her mask on and he asked her why she was wearing it. She told him it's so you don't have to smell our stinky breath. He (very matter of factly) said Oh, don't you brush your teeth? She just laughed and looked at me then said, yes, we brush our teeth. I actually just brushed mine. He then said, well, I guess sometimes people get stinky breath just because! That kid!

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jada said...

Max is hilarious! What a cutie! I love reading your blog and that we can keep in touch this way. I hope you are well. Love you guys!