Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

So I'm 1 day late with my New Year post, what can I say? Actually, that's pretty good, coming from me! I thought it was time to re-do the ole blog background, too. Whaddaya think? Hopefully it won't stay as long as the last background!

My family had a pretty good New Year's Eve. I unexpectedly didn't work that night, so we just made a nice dinner and dessert and hung out at home. Si, Rob and I watched I Am Legend and the younger kids watched Madagascar. I was in bed by 10. Yes, I'm an old fuddy duddy! I think Rob and Jordyn were the only ones who stayed awake til midnight.

One more thing. I also decided at the last minute last night to start a 365 blog. Here is the link, go check it out. Hopefully I'll keep it up!


SarahAnne said...

Like the background. Happy New Year, even if you are a fuddy duddy. LOL

Jennifer said...

I like the new look. Happy New Year.