Thursday, May 15, 2008

4 Wheeling

Last summer Rob and I got 4 wheelers for the family. We started out with one, but then decided that that wasn't much fun, so we decided to get 1 more so we could each ride one and have 2 kids with each of us. So, we got the second bike about a week or so after the first one. Then we decided to get a third bike, so Si could ride his own, since he is 11 and getting big. So, now we have 3 4 wheelers and have so much fun on them! Our state has an ATV course for kids ages 8 and older, so we enrolled Si in the course and he passed with flying colors! They sent us a manual and he studied that ALL THE TIME. We also had him practice on the Polaris (it is an automatic) in our yard and then took him on an easy ride to show him the basics. When we felt he was ready we had him take the written and driving tests. Rob said he only missed I think? 2 on the written and he did excellent on the driving portion of the test. So, Si officially has his ATV license, he is legal to drive an ATV in our state.

Here are some pictures from a recent ride to an old Fort that is nearby.

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