Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My job

I just wanted to take a minute and write something about my job. Well, my paying job, that is. I work at the front desk of a local motel. It may not sound like much, but I really do love my job. It's good for me. I'm a pretty social person and I get to meet lots of new people every day. I try to find out where they are going and why. I also like talking to the regulars and making friends with them. I also really like my co workers. Everyone here is nice and friendly. There is no drama like my last job. That was Drama Central!! Plus, the pay is pretty good, especially for the type of work I'm in. Hopefully one day I'll go back to school and be doing something else, but for the time being, my job works for our family and helps pay the bills. I work the swing shift so we only pay minimal day care. The kids are with a sitter who comes to our house Wed, Thurs, and Fridays from about 2:30-2:45 til about 5:30 when Rob gets home.

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Kendell Family said...

Regulers? What kind of regulers? lol I'm sorry I'm just laughing @ the thoughts that brings to my mind! Sorry I need to get my head outta the gutter!
I'm glad you job is drama free!