Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Big Hill

There is a big hill here in town that we drive over every once in a while and Jake just loves it. I think he thinks it's a roller coaster or something. Everytime we even get near it he gets all excited and points and says "that way!! That way, Mom!" When we start to climb the hill he puts his arms in the air and says Weeeeeee, weeeeee!!! all the way up it and all the way down.

The day we went to lunch with Dad, we drove right past the hill and didn't go up and over it. Jake was so dissappointed and cried all the way to Dad's work. It was so disappointing!

Here is where Jake starts to get excited, cuz he can see the hill in the distance

Going up the hill

Coming down the hill

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Bridget said...

Hehe. There is a big dip by work that T3 just loooooves to go fast over. Gives us all nice belly flips! Kids are funny.