Friday, May 23, 2008

Max's Preschool Graduation

Here's another picture-heavy blog post from Amy. I know, your all stunned, right? LOL. I can't help it, I'm sorry, my kids are just so danged cute!

Max's preschool graduation was Wednesday night and it was lots of fun. Short and sweet and the kids had a ball! I think it only lasted about 45 minutes, which is long enough for preschoolers. There are 2 different teachers in his little school and each teacher's classes had combined their graduations, so there were 16 kids in Max's *graduating class*

The teacher did a very short talk, then each child did a solo performance, with the other kids singing in the background. They were so cute. Max's solo was London Bridges. They also sang the ABC's, Days of the Week, and Months of the Year all together. After the *premieres* as Max kept calling them, the teacher handed out the diplomas/certificates. The kids got to keep their cap and tassles (real nice ones, too!) but had to turn in their gowns. If they turned in their gowns they got to pick a prize from the basket. Max choose a recorder, of course!! I'm about ready to throw it away already. It's already cracked and starting to break, so it won't last too much longer, thank goodness!!

Here are the pictures

In his cap and gown


During the performance...

Dancing to I'm a Little TeaPot

Starting to get bored....

REALLY starting to get bored....

Hmmmm, I wonder what's under here?
With his diploma
Max and Mrs. Chase. We're gonna miss her!

All in all I think Max had a wonderful year at preschool. He is definitely ready for Kindergarten and looking forward to moving on to Elementary School and going 5 days a week. Today coming home from the store he did ask me in a worried voice if he would ever see his preschool teacher again and I told him that I thought so. (I'm hoping to put Jake in after this next school year). He also let out a big sigh and said, Oh, I am going to miss my Teacher!! It made me sad to hear that. Then he asked if I missed any of my old teachers and I told him yes, of course!

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