Friday, May 16, 2008

Homemade Jam

About a month ago, my mil Jan and I, got together at my house and made homemade jam. It was lots of fun and it turned out pretty good, too! I had fun spending the day with her. She is the one who intruduced me to home canning.

The year Max was born we got a ton of peaches from her parents and we canned our little hearts out. We made peach jam and then canned peaches. My kids love having homemade jam on their pb&j's. Later that year or the next year Jan's parents brought down a bunch of apples and plums, so we canned those, too. We made plum jam with the plums and then made applesauce and apple pie mix with the apples.

Last year I made a batch of strawberry jam on my own and it turned out fine, but I didn't have much fun doing it by myself, so that's why this year I decided to invite Jan to help me.

I wish I would've waited a few weeks, though, because last week strawberries went on sale for about .50 cents cheaper than what we paid a month ago! Oh, well, we still got a pretty good deal on the strawberries. That is exactly the reason I have started a price book, so I can track the price that I pay for our groceries and know when the rock bottom prices are.

Here is a pic of the fruits of our labor.

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