Friday, November 21, 2008

ATV ride

The last time we took an ATV ride was clear back in September. Wow!! I can't believe it's been that long. Shows you how hectic our life is getting and our kids aren't even in any extracurricular activities.

Anyway, it was still warm when we went and we all had a good time. We were on a dirt rode and drove around a bend and there was this old house sitting next to a pond or a lake. It was really unexpected, but I love old houses and we had to stop to read the plaque and take pictures.

Here is a picture of the house

Here is a tree house next to the pond, which is next to the house

There was a circular driveway in front of the house and this old wagon was situated in the middle, so I had to take a picture. I'm fascinated by old wagons. I'm fascinated by lots of old things, tractors, barns, lots of stuff.

This barn was up the road a bit from the house. It's not that old, but I thought it had an interesting shape.

These next 3 pictures are just some pretty views from that ride.