Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parent Teacher conferences

A post without pictures. Let see if I can do it.

About a week or 2 ago we had Jordyn and Max's parent teacher conferences. The school calls them SEP's, but they'll always be PTC to me.

Anyway, Max's was first and he went into his class with his teacher and she did some short tests with him and then called me in. She said he's doing really great and learning well. He is good and has lots of friends. I was a little worried about him because he is a very young kindergartner. He didn't turn 5 until about 2 weeks after school started. The only thing we need to work on with him is his handwriting skills, which are actually pretty good for his age. But, that comes with fine motor skills which are one of the last things for boys to develop, if I remember anything from my Child Development classes from college. Max's teacher isn't worried, but wants us to work with him a little bit more so he doesn't fall behind.

Next was Jordyn's turn. While we waited for her teacher to be ready for us we waited in the hallway and looked at Jordyn's book of memories (I think that's what it was called). It was fun to look at some of the things she had done through out the year so far. Jordyn is turning into a little artist and takes great pains in drawing and coloring pictures.

When we got into the meeting Jordyn got a glowing report from her teacher. The only issue Mrs. Pollock was concerned with in regards to Jordyn is her spelling and her handwriting skills. Which I noticed and was going to bring up, too. So, we need to work with her more on that at home along with Max's writing skills.

So, all in all, really great reports for Jordyn and Max.

Si is in a different school and his SEP should be coming up soon!!

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