Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have really been ignoring the ol' blog lately. I know, I know, I say that alot. In the past few weeks we have had 2 birthdays at our house. Si turned 12 (I know, 12! How can I have a 12 year old!!) on the 29th of October. My birthday was on Monday and I turned 31. Wow, how did that happen??

We had a really low key party for Si the Sunday after his birthday. He picked out a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and Neopolatin ice cream. He had been wanting a hoody for several months so we got him one and a Star Wars baseball cap. Grandma Jan got him an electronic Sudoku game.

My birthday was a really hectic day, but it turned out good. I was gonna make myself a lemon pudding cake that I made several years ago, but didn't get a chance to. Instead Rob surprised me with a cookies and cream cake from the store. I'm not normally a fan of store bought cake, but this one was pretty good. The kids liked it and they all fought over the oreo's on top!

So there's our Oct/Nov birthdays. No more in the immediate family until Jakes in Feb.


Marti Hawker said...

Holy cow! I can't believe Si is 12! Happy birthday to the both of you! We are planing on naming the bay Trace. It took us a while to agree on a name, but we both like this one.

Darrell and Amanda said...

I can't believe Si is 12!! That is so crazy, I remember him being so little!