Monday, November 24, 2008

I couldn't drag the kids away from the play area!

After we saw all the animals we all loaded up in a big trailer pulled by a tractor and headed out to the pumpkin patch and the small corn maze. We went through the maze and then took the trailer ride back to the main area. All the kids got a chance to take a ride on the train. They loved that!

Heres Jake and Tray on the "train"

Jordyn on the "train"

I didn't get any good pics of Max and Si on the train.

After the train we headed to the play area. I bet we played there for close to an hour, if not more.

Heres Jake on the teeter totter.

Here's Max on the swings shaped like horses. This was popular!

Heres Tray on the regular swings. We couldn't get him off those. I'd take him off to find somethng else and he'd cry, so I left him there and he was happy!

Jordyn on the swings
Si helping with the swing ride. He did get to have a turn ON the ride, but I guess I didn't get any
pictures of him.

Queen of the hay pile!

Here's my favorite attraction. The Hillbilly Trampoline! LOL

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