Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas shopping

I am proud to say that it is still November and we are pretty much done with our Christmas shopping! YAY!! You don't know how happy that makes me. 2 weekends ago Rob and I dropped the kids off at Jan's (Rob's mom) and we went and put all the kids' gifts on layaway.

It is a tradition that each child gets a movie every year and this year I got smart and went online and ordered their movies on the internet. It was ALOT cheaper than paying $20 bucks a pop at the store for each movie.

I only have a few more things to pick up. I still have to get stocking stuffers. I'm gonna hit the dollar store and Target's $1 spot for those. Tonight I remembered that it's also a tradition to get each kid a new ornament every year, so I have to pick those up. I'm also debating on getting the kids' pictures done at Sears again this year. I have the coupons, now just to find the time!

So, how is your Christmas shopping going?

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Jennifer said...

I am hoping to make more of a dent in it tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!