Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ok, ok, I admit it! I haven't been to church since, oh, January or February. I know, I know (hanging head in shame!) Anyway, I have been thinking about going back for a while now and Jordyn started asking me this morning if we could go and if we all couldn't go if she could go with her friend, Emily. At first I was just going to send her with Emily, but then I decided we should all go. I hurriedly got everyone ready and we made it on time! Yay!!

Anyway, sacrament meeting went well, I was quite surprised. I dropped off the kids in their classes, then I went to mine. Jake went to nursery really well and I left him with no problems. Towards the end of my first class the nursery leader brought Jake in to me. He looked so sad and had tears in his eyes. I put him on my lap and we waited for class to be over. The warning bell rang and Jake said, quietly, Yay! Time to go home! I said no, not yet. Then the last bell rang and the teacher was still speaking and Jake let out a big grumbly sigh and said in an exasperated tone, It's time to go home!! I said nope, we have one more class to go to. I took him to the bathroom and then we had a talk. I told him he could go to class with me, but he had to sit quietly on my lap and listen or he could go back to his class with the other kids and all the toys. He choose to go to his class and stayed there the whole time with no problems.

When I picked up the olde kids from their classes I was told that they were practicing for the Primary Program. All the kids except Jake have a part and the program is next Sunday, so we will definitely be going to church next Sunday. I am really excited to see my kids in the program!


Marti Hawker said...

Thats so cool they get to be in the program. We just had ours a few weeks ago. Of course Britten wouldn't sing any of the songs, but at least he said his part. Glad to here the kids where so good. Sometimes it can be a big pain bringing them by your self, I have to do that alot.

SarahAnne said...

I'm so happy for you guys, and for the kids getting to do the program. It's always fun to see your kids up there, isn't it?! Let us know how it goes!